Welcome to Nazia Naz Salon

Nazia Naz is a professional makeup artist with 10 years experienced and expertise. Nazia Naz is enjoying transforming faces/meeting people/traveling in the fashion and beauty industry. Nazia Naz has always been extremely passionate about esthetics especially cosmetics, skins & hair care products. Nazia Naz is a makeup artist that creates beauty with her brushes. She can turn faces into a gorgeous beauty with the sweep of her brushes. Nazia Naz has been started her salon officialy in 2010. Nazia Naz has done multiple tasks in channels, magazine shoot, photoshoot.

Our Experts

The team at NaziaNaz is truly amazing and that’s what makes us stand out in Karachi. You are only as good as your last haircut or treatment, so all the staff are dedicated to make sure that every single client’s experience is an unforgettable one. You will be made to feel relaxed and at home by the staff, who are experienced in their fields of expertise and who will listen to what the client wants and help them achieve it. The whole experience will be effortless and memorable.

Nazia Naz

Founder, Nazia Naz Salon